The Parents Fund

What is The Parents Fund?

The Parents Fund is a part of The Mercer Fund. It is a fundraising initiative driven and supported by the parents of current Mercer students. The Parents Fund supports undergraduate education and is a vital funding source that creates unique opportunities for students and enhances programs across campus. Each year, thousands of parents and grandparents help shape the Mercer experience with unrestricted gifts.

What Does the Parents Fund Accomplish?

As a Mercer parent, you know your child will receive a quality classroom education; however, you also know there is more to a quality education than the classroom experience. Unrestricted support from parent donors helps fulfill the immediate needs of the University—supporting the undergraduate experience in areas such as financial aid, residential enhancements, student life and academic support.

Your Participation is Vital

No gift is a small gift! All Parents Fund donors, no matter the size of their gift, enrich the experiences of Mercer students. Smaller gifts add up quickly to make a significant difference over a year, and allow Mercer to make valuable improvements in undergraduate life as they are needed. Gifts from parents are a show of involvement, passion and confidence in Mercer. Businesses and foundations consider parent participation when determining to which universities they will award grants. Your participation affects all areas of support.

In the fall, you will receive a phone call asking for a gift to The Parents Fund. Your support will allow Mercer to provide educational experiences that will benefit your child well into the future.