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At Mercer, we embrace freedom of the mind and spirit, cherish the equal worth of every individual and commit to serving the needs of humankind

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We hold ourselves to a different set of standards – incorporating a higher sense of purpose to everything we do. This takes us beyond campus walls to Vietnam, Botswana or wherever we are needed.
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What Mercer means to me is family. I’ve experienced success and failure, but I’ve done that alongside a bunch of incredible people who have taught me how to handle success and have taught me how to handle failure.

Ally Welch, Holistic Child, ‘19

Ally Welch

To really see the entire process of doing research and really play a very large part in every step along the way has been an incredible opportunity that I’m not sure I could have had at a different institution.

Zach Zeisler, Neuroscience and Latin, ‘19

Zach Zeisler

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Students from all over the world discover a college experience at Mercer that fits their unique needs, interests and goals.
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