Graduate and Professional Research

Graduate students at Mercer work closely with highly published, cited and funded faculty. Our state-of-the-art facilities and equipment give students in the fields of science, medicine and technology the skills and experience necessary to thrive in a professional research environment.

Students earning degrees in disciplines such as education and theology work alongside experienced faculty members to complete projects that not only increase the value of their degrees, but also make a difference in their fields of study.

The collaborative and interdisciplinary nature of our graduate research programs turn students into scholars who gain a competitive edge through their work.

Aerial views of Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations farms in North Carolina

Featured Project

Professor’s analysis of animal agriculture spurs climate change research

A Mercer professor’s research has sparked awareness and further investigation into the environmental impacts of animal agriculture. Most recently, the collective findings of Dr. Vasile Stănescu and other researchers were used for an article in The New York Times.

Additional Projects

two women stand in front of a flowering bush

Mercer professor creates a true-crime splash with ‘Prison Town’ podcast

Evey Wilson Wetherbee, assistant professor of practice in Mercer University's Center for Collaborative Journalism, explores the criminal justice system in a South Georgia town in her "Prison Town" podcast.

Five female students stand in front of a large poster with balloons

Education professor leads project creating living history exhibit on COVID-19

A grant project led by a Mercer University faculty member has created a public record of a community’s shared and unique experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Professor’s research explores factors that could lead to celebrity stalking

Dr. Josh Rodefer, assistant professor of psychology in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at Mercer University, collaborated with several researchers across the country to explore and identify factors associated with engaging in stalking or condoning celebrity stalking behaviors.

Medicine professor receives American Heart Association grant to study long COVID

Mercer University School of Medicine Professor Mohammed Abdelsaid, RPh, Ph.D., received an American Heart Association Institutional Research Enhancement Award to study how COVID-19 affects brain functions, focusing on cognitive impairments.

Professor conducts ecological field research, STEM work in Malawi

A Mercer University professor is applying his ecological expertise to classrooms, field research and STEM initiatives at a university in Malawi. Dr. Zipangani Vokhiwa, professor of science in the College of Professional Advancement, arrived in Malawi in January as a Fulbright U.S. Scholar.