Undergraduate Research

Undergraduate research at Mercer provides students with hands-on experience that complements the breadth of their education.

At Mercer, students are given the opportunity to take the lead in top-level research endeavors, which transforms them into scholars who answer tough and relevant questions. Our students work closely with faculty members, not graduate students, in state-of-the-art facilities to complete projects that contribute new knowledge to their fields of study.

a male student harvests a hydroponically grown head of lettuce, and a female student watches

Featured Project

Mercer summer program provides research experience early in students’ college careers

The Mercer Undergraduate Research Scholar Training Initiative is designed to provide undergraduate students the opportunity to participate in research.

Additional Projects

a man points to a device while others look on

Mercer researchers develop faster, cheaper method to identify lead in paint

While working to help curb mercury pollution in Guyana, a Mercer University team made another startling discovery. Many surfaces in the town where the team was working were covered in dangerous levels of lead.

A woman and man stand and look at a computer, while another woman plays with a child on the floor. The child is wearing a cap fitted with technology.

Psychology professor brings innovative neuroscience technology to lab

A Mercer University psychology professor hopes to make neuroscience research more inclusive and diverse through the use of cutting-edge technology in her lab.

Engineering students develop app with Mercer Police safety resources

Mercer University campus safety resources are just a finger tap away with a new app. Developed for a senior engineering design project, MU Safe connects users with Mercer Police Department services.

Biology professor works to save endangered wildflower from extinction

A Mercer University professor is working to save a rare plant from extinction. For the past decade, Dr. Heather Bowman Cutway, professor of biology in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, has been researching the fringed campion.

Alumna’s interest in clean automotive tech leads to Energy Department fellowship

Iran Hernandez Imbert’s research experiences at Mercer University paved the way for her graduate studies and set into motion a path toward a career in automotive research and development.