Crowdfunded Campaigns

What is Crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding campaigns are online giving campaigns that typically occur over a short period of time and allow donors to encourage participation within their networks. Mercer’s crowdfunding platform provides direct support for Mercer projects and programs that enhance our University community.  Visit Mercer’s Crowdfunding Site

What are Eligible Crowdfunding Projects?

Eligible crowdfunding projects:

  • Are affiliated with Mercer University
  • Are approved Mercer organizations or have a sponsoring Mercer department, program, or center with a fund to receive gifts.
  • Are non-profit in nature
  • Have committed project leaders
  • Have specific goals and measurable impacts that can be reached in a period of days to weeks

Who Can Create a Campaign Through Mercer’s Crowdfunding Site?

All Mercer students, faculty, staff, and alumni can apply to create and launch a campaign on Mercer’s GiveCampus platform. To get started, complete this short form, and someone will be in touch with you to review your application.

Once a project is approved for use through GiveCampus, project leaders will be required to provide the following materials ahead of a campaign launch:

  • Short video describing the project, approximately 1 minute in length
  • Text summary of the project, approximately 1-2 paragraphs in length
  • Thank you video to future campaign donors
  • 1-3 campaign photos

Why Should I use Mercer’s Crowdfunding Site?

Mercer students, faculty, staff, and alumni who wish to use crowdfunding as a means of supporting their Mercer-related projects should use the University’s crowdfunding platform. This will ensure that the project is branded with the University’s name and collateral, that gifts to the project are tax deductible, and that Mercer is equipped to recognize and steward those donors.

This will also ensure that no tax liability accrues to an individual as a result of receiving the funds personally through an external crowdfunding site. The funds will go directly into a University gift fund designated for the project’s use and gifts will be properly receipted to the donors.

Finally, 100% of each and every gift made through GiveCampus is directed towards the project. In contrast, other popular, non-Mercer crowdfunding sites typically charge a fee and do not provide full gift support.

What if a crowdfunding project does not reach its goal?

This is one of the ways Mercer’s crowdfunding site is a little different (and a lot better!) from other crowdfunding platforms. All gifts are processed by Mercer and go directly to the program or project you choose to support, even if the goal isn’t completely met.

Are gifts made through Mercer crowdfunding tax deductible?

Yes, all gifts made to Mercer are tax deductible. A gift receipt will be sent to each donor by the Office of University Advancement.


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