Residential Undergraduate Program

Mercer Bears command respect and walk with confidence. We are distinguished leaders. Movers and shakers. Real-life difference makers.

Mercer On Mission

The highest expression of our desire to create a better world, Mercer On Mission deploys students and faculty across the globe to meet the most fundamental needs of humanity.


More than 70% of Mercer students participate in at least one internship, putting classroom knowledge into practice and gaining valuable work experience. Mercer's relationships with industry leaders and start-up incubators foster personal connections and networking opportunities.

Mercer Abroad

Mercerians gain from their study abroad experience a deeper appreciation for different cultures and languages, a stronger focus on their academic pursuits, and a clearer sense of their own role in a global society.

Community Engagement

Mercer empowers students to become leaders in communities and inspires them to use their talents to positively impact the human condition. If there’s a cause close to your heart, Mercer has the resources to help you put your ideas into action.
Student at Bear Day

Undergraduate Research

Research That Reaches Out

Undergraduate students have the opportunity to engage in hands-on, sophisticated research - as early as year one - working closely with faculty members in state-of-the-art facilities to tackle real problems facing humankind.


Breakthroughs in Engagement, Arts, and Research

Each year, Mercer hosts BEAR Day to showcase outstanding student research and special projects through papers, posters, and presentations.

Education Rooted in the Liberal Arts

Build A Strong Foundation

Hone your critical-thinking and communication skills through diverse experiences that equip you to adapt and flourish within a global society.

Integrative Program

Integrative learning will challenge you to think critically about what you believe about yourself and the world around you - and why you believe it. Engage in conversation that empowers you with the freedom to ask hard questions and the courage to seek real answers.

Great Books Program

Explore the modern relevance of intellectual tradition, moral discernment, and civic responsibility through examination of classic texts written by the greatest thinkers of the Western world. These great books record inventions of human imagination, discoveries of human intellect, and the questions that birthed them.

Writing Program

Words matter - now more than ever in our present age of constant and immediate information. Beyond class assignments and papers, your capacity to use words effectively and responsibly directly impacts your influence and potential to ignite positive change in the world.

Moriah Roycroft

Mercer University Honors Program

A Community of Scholars

Our Honors Program offers an additional academic challenge with an intensive experience that integrates interdisciplinary seminars, service-learning courses, extensive research, and more.

Featured Honors Student

Moriah Roycroft Receives German Academic Exchange Service Research Internship

Moriah is spending her summer developing a lateral flow assay to detect kidney rejection after organ transplantation.

Accelerated Paths to Advanced Degrees

Earn your undergraduate and graduate degrees in less time.


The 4+1 Integrated Degree Program in Engineering offers eligible undergraduate engineering students the opportunity to begin graduate coursework during senior year and earn a Master of Science in Engineering after a fifth year at Mercer.


Mercer Law School offers an Accelerated Special Consideration Program for qualified students that provides the opportunity to complete an undergraduate degree and a law degree a full year faster than the traditional seven years.


The Combined Degree program in Accounting gives students the opportunity to complete both a Bachelor of Business Administration and a Master of Accountancy in five years.

Business Administration

The Combined Degree Program in Business Administration gives students the opportunity to complete both a Bachelor of Business Administration and a Master of Business Administration in five years.

College Transition

The First Year

From the moment you step foot on campus, you will be immersed in Mercer's culture, spirit, and traditions that will fuel your success.

Bear Beginnings

Experience a seamless transition from high school to college with our comprehensive orientation programs designed to help you build a solid foundation during this new chapter in your life.

University 101

First-year students enroll in a special fall-semester class that builds a foundation for college success. Classmates become family as you explore common themes of study skills, cultural diversity, ethics, personal relationships, health, safety, and career plans.

Academic and Advising Services

Our Office of Academic and Advising Services offers academic advising, special programming, and ongoing support to both you and your family during your transition to Mercer, including communication about academic opportunities and important dates.

Parents and families walking on campus during a tour

Ready to Apply?

Mercer's Office of University Admissions is dedicated to guiding you through each step of the admissions process.