About Mercer

Our mission isn’t just what we live by – it’s who we are. We’ve been teaching, creating and serving for more than 185 years.

Mission and Vision

Facts and Figures

By the Numbers

Mercer University remains one of America’s oldest and most distinctive institutions of higher learning.

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Graduates rub the head of the Jesse Mercer statute on Mercer's Macon campus

Our Traditions

From school colors to annual events, Mercer is packed with proud traditions that have made the University what it is today.

I have never had faculty that have invested in me the way that the faculty have at Mercer. They saw my potential way before I saw it. They encouraged me. They have given me opportunities and experiences that I could not have dreamed of.

Jordan Beasley, Ph.D. in Counselor Education and Supervision, ‘21

Portrait of Jordan Beasley sitting

Impact stories

The Hallmarks of Our Institution

Discovery and Innovation

Opportunities Set Mercer Students Apart

Undergraduate research is central to Mercer’s commitment to experiential learning. And because of the University’s special focus on integrating research and service, students have unparalleled opportunities to impact the world around them.

This 1845 file photo shows Mercer's historic building in Penfield, Georgia.

Our History

Our story begins in 1833 with a group of trailblazing Georgia Baptists, including our namesake Jesse Mercer.