The Mercer Fund

What is the Mercer Fund?

The Mercer Fund is the foundation of all charitable funded support for the University. Each year, thousands of alumni and friends contribute to The Mercer Fund, ensuring that the University continues to bring quality educational opportunities to the over 8,000 students enrolled at Mercer.

Annual giving is important to Mercer for many reasons. Specifically, annual gifts are unrestricted, which means your gift can go directly to the areas of greatest need at the University, helping address unexpected issues and capitalize on breaking opportunities. Moreover, annual giving is just that – annual. By making yearly contributions to the Mercer Fund, alumni, parents and friends provide a necessary stream of academic and student support.

Yes, Your Gift Counts!

If you are wondering if your gift will make a difference at Mercer, the answer is simple: it will! Every gift to The Mercer Fund, no matter the amount, makes it possible for our current and future students to receive a transformative educational experience.

And, during Aspire: The Campaign for Mercer University,  all gifts to The Mercer Fund count toward meeting the overall campaign goal of $400 million. So gifts of all amounts allow Mercer Fund donors to Aspire!

Where Does the Money Go?

The Mercer Fund touches virtually all facets of the University. Without it, none of the educational opportunities that our students are afforded would be possible. Here are some examples of where the Mercer Fund impacts our students and faculty:

  • Providing scholarships for exceptional students
  • Funding undergraduate research opportunities
  • Purchasing state-of-the-art laboratory equipment
  • Creating life-transforming service-learning opportunities
  • Facilitating symposia and continuing education conferences
  • Maintaining convenient and accessible facilities across the state
  • Expanding employment opportunities for students/alumni
  • Strengthening our innovative academic programs
  • Hosting nationally recognized scholars, practitioners and leaders

How Can I Make a Gift?

Make a gift to The Mercer Fund with our secure online giving form. Make a gift now!

Or you can mail your gift to:
The Office of University Advancement
Mercer University
1501 Mercer University Drive
Macon, GA 31207

For more information:
(478) 301-2715 •  (800) 837-2911