School of Medicine

Saturday, May 8, 2021 • 2 p.m. • Hawkins Arena


11:15 a.m.:Graduates arrive and check in at intramural courts

11:30 a.m.:Faculty arrive and check in at intramural courts

12:45 p.m.:All graduates and faculty MUST be in their seats for rehearsal

1 p.m.:Doors to Hawkins Arena open

2 p.m.: Commencements begins


Graduates, faculty and volunteers: Please park in the lot behind Willet Science Center or in the School of Medicine lot. For those parking at the School of Medicine, shuttles will be provided to the entrance of the intramural courts.

Guests: Please park in the University Center lots. Shuttles will be provided to the main entrance.


Masks are required and should be worn at all times when inside the building. The only exceptions include the speaker while standing at the podium, graduates as they walk across the stage to receive their diploma, and when eating or drinking. Care should be taken to remain six feet away from other attendees when a mask has been removed. A black mask will be given to all graduates and faculty at check-in and should be worn during the graduation ceremony.


Due to COVID 19 restrictions, graduation is a ticketed event this year. Each graduate will receive two (2) tickets that admit two (2) guests per ticket (for a total of 4 guests). Because arena seating will be arranged in pairs, guests must be able to sit together in groups of two (2). Seating groups (pairs) cannot be split so please plan accordingly. All pairs of guests must have a ticket (babies excluded but must remain on the lap of a ticketed guest). Strollers are not allowed in the Arena per University regulations.

Tickets will be available for pick up until Thursday April 22, 2021 at the Office of Student Affairs.

  • Macon Office of Student Affairs (478-301-2652): MFT graduates, MSBMS graduates, MSPCS graduates, MD-Macon graduates
  • Savannah Office of Student Affairs (912-721-8220): MD-Savannah graduates
  • Columbus Office of Student Affairs (706-223-5119): MD-Columbus graduates

Tickets not picked up at the Office of Student Affairs will be available (for MD graduates) at the Hooding Ceremony and at graduation for all graduates. If tickets are picked up at graduation, then they will be available at check-in and you will be responsible for getting the tickets to your guests.

Sharing Unused Tickets: if you are not using all of your tickets, you may share them with others. Keep in mind that you have two tickets that seat two guests per ticket and that those guests must be seated together. For example, if you have three guests attending, then you do not have an extra ticket to share. If you have five guests attending, you must find a classmate who has two or less guests coming so that you may use their extra ticket that seats two guests.


A boxed lunch is provided for graduates, faculty, and student/staff workers. There will be vegetarian options available.

Regalia & Ceremony Etiquette

The cap, tassel, gown, and hood are considered formal academic attire. Only honor society cords and honor medallions (i.e., Phi Kappa Phi) approved by the University will be allowed. The academic cap is worn level at all times with the tassel on the left side. DO NOT FLIP TASSEL after receiving your diploma. NOTE: No other regalia or decoration (including but not limited to flowers and jewelry) is allowed; do not decorate your graduation caps. Please hang up your gown prior to graduation day. Generally, the wrinkles will fall out after a day or two, but exposing them to steam will help hasten the process.

Commencement attire should reflect the importance of this achievement.

  • Dark dress pants or dresses
  • Dress shirt or blouse, tie optional
  • No high collars or bows outside regalia, including bow ties
  • Dark dress shoes (comfortable height heel recommended for extended standing/walking)
  • No jeans or shorts
  • No sneakers or flip flops
  • Improper attire, signs, and insignia are not acceptable and will be removed by the marshals
  • Purses, keys and other personal items should be left with your family/guests
  • Phones should be silenced or turned off


Individual pictures will be taken by the Mercer University photographer during the ceremony. Due to COVID-19 we ask that you let your guests know to take personal photos from their seat and after they leave the Arena.

Arena Regulations

  • Masks are required by all in attendance while inside the arena.
  • No balloons are allowed in Hawkins Arena.
  • No food or drinks are allowed in Hawkins Arena.
  • No strollers are allowed in the seating area of Hawkins Arena.

ADA Accommodations

If you or a family member/guest is in need of accommodations please contact the Office of Student Affairs at 478-301-2652.