Typography and Colors


Mercer University has a flexible system of fonts to incorporate in every form of communications. Specific typeface options are recommended, but not required, for the copy elements for print and web below.

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Color Palette

The look and feel of Mercer University’s publications are rich and varied. Characterized by a dynamic color palette, individual schools and programs are free to establish a unique set of communications utilizing a palette that reflects the characteristics and tone of their programs.


Mercer Orange

Mercer Orange swatch

Mercer Orange
PMS 716 C
HEX #f76800
RGB 247,104,00
CMYK 0,65,100,4

Mercer Orange is one of the primary colors of the Mercer digital brand. The orange is used to add branded visual interest throughout the site with subheadlines, buttons, links and various design elements.

Black and Grays

Black and shades of gray make up a large part of the primary color palette of the Mercer digital brand. These colors are used to create breaker moments throughout the site that allow the white and orange to feel elevated and engaging. These shades allow for content to be easily legible and approachable, and make up a majority of typography throughout the site.


The secondary colors are used for design elements and label indicators throughout the Mercer digital brand. These colors can be used to provide layering and added visual interest to the design.