Special Accommodations for Students Who Need To Be Isolated

December 14, 2020

Mercer University students who test positive for COVID-19 and live in Mercer-owned housing or the Lofts may go home to recover or may isolate in special accommodations set aside for this purpose.

Mercer has on-campus isolation units, consisting of a bedroom with bathroom access, in Macon and Atlanta for residential students who are unable to return home while they recuperate. The University has partnered with a Macon hotel to provide additional isolation rooms as needed.

For an affected student living in University-owned housing, the Office of Housing and Residence Life staff member will coordinate moving the student into an isolation room and assist with academic and meal accommodations. An affected student living in the Lofts will also receive assistance with academic and meal accommodations while receiving direction on isolation from Lofts staff.

The Campus Health Center will check on the student daily and monitor their symptoms with calls and the online Bear Check of symptoms. Students also will be advised to contact their own family physician.

Students will not be permitted to return to campus or leave isolation until they are cleared by the Campus Health Center.

Those who may have been exposed to the affected student, including classmates, faculty, staff, roommates, and suitemates, will be notified. The Campus Health Center will evaluate each potential exposure, advise each person on what action to take, and determine if there is a need for additional sanitization.

Students — or anyone else on campus — who believes they are symptomatic or have concerns about being exposed to the coronavirus should call the Campus Health Center 24/7 COVID-19 hotline at (478) 301-7425.