Message to Students from VP and Dean of Students Doug Pearson

March 6, 2020

Mercer Students,

The Mercer University administration continues to monitor the current global outbreak of the new coronavirus, COVID-19, which is evolving each day in North America.

As spring break ends this weekend, we look forward to your safe return to our Mercer campuses.

If your travel was international, the administration requests your cooperation to assemble important information about your recent travel during spring break.  We want to provide you with updated information, and precautionary recommendations to monitor your personal health.

  • If you travelled to countries that are listed as a CDC Warning Level 3 Travel Health Notice for COVID-19, it is very important that you contact Mercer University Vice President for Student Affairs Dr. Doug Pearson by email at or by phone at (478) 301-2685 as soon as possible.
    • Please consult with Dr. Pearson before returning to campus and beginning classes.
    • Pearson will need the following information:
      • Full Name and Contact information ( primary & secondary phone numbers, email address )
      • Program of Study
      • Country or Countries you visited, including the cities
      • Number of days in each country and cities
    • As of today, there are four countries listed with a Level 3 travel warning:
      • China
      • Iran
      • South Korea
      • Italy
  • TRAVEL HEALTH NOTICES with additional information
  • If you travelled to Japan, which is listed as a CDC Level 2 Travel Health Notice for COVID-19, upon your return please begin conducting self-observation (for 14 days) of your health condition for signs of a respiratory illness, such as fever and shortness of breath. If you begin to experience symptoms of a respiratory illness, call Mercer’s Student Health Clinic or your personal physician for guidance.
    • “Self-observation” means people should remain alert for subjective fever, cough, or difficulty breathing. If they feel feverish or develop cough or difficulty breathing during the self-observation period, they should take their temperature, limit contact with others, and seek health advice by telephone from a healthcare provider or their local health department to determine whether medical evaluation is needed.
  • If you travelled internationally to other locations during the spring break, your exposure to various transportation facilities and other international travelers is considered a low risk, but as a precaution we recommend that you conduct the 14 day self-observation procedure.

The University will treat your information with confidentiality, and work with you individually to ensure a positive health outcome for you, along with safeguarding the Mercer community.

Thank you for your cooperation.