Engineering Transfer Admission


Three Avenues of Transfer to the Mercer School of Engineering

An integral part of the Engineering School's strategic plan is the following set of formal engineering student transfer programs:

The Dual-Degree 3+2 Program

Students who are math/science majors at other participating four year institutions can transfer after approximately three years. Following successful completion of two years in the School of Engineering, a B.S. degree from the original school plus a B.S.E degree from Mercer will be awarded.

The Pre-Engineering 2+2 Program

Students participating in a formal two year pre-engineering program at either junior or senior colleges can transfer at the end of the sophomore year with little or no wasted hours or credits when the following criteria have been met: a) the pre-engineering program closely resembles the first two years of the Mercer engineering program, b) the student average of 17 hours per quarter academic load was met, and c) at least a grade of "C" was maintained in all required subjects.

The Math/Science 2+Program

Students attending colleges with a strong math/science program, offering at least the Calculus and Calculus-based Physics series, also have the opportunity to transfer. Most students transfer after approximately two years. However, since they will have missed the 6-7 Engineering Core subjects, at the freshman/sophomore level at Mercer, they must make up the shortfall after arriving at Mercer.


Transfer Procedures

Mercer's School of Engineering maintains transfer articulation agreements with 2 and 4 year schools throughout the Southeast that offer either pre-engineering or a strong math/science base. All schools with which Mercer has agreements, either in-place or pending, normally have literature and applications relevant to transferring.

Students interested in transferring to the Mercer School of Engineering should:

A. First discuss the possibility with the engineering program coordinator at their present school. (Note: At four year institutions, this individual may be called the 'dual degree coordinator.')

B. Review the inter-school course equivalency list available through the pre-engineering program coordinator and use it as an academic scheduling guide as early as possible. If your coordinator or school is temporarily out of this material, call 1-800-342-0841 in Georgia, or if you are out-of-state, call 1-800-637-2378, ext. 2650.

Also, please contact the Engineering Transfer Admission Counselor so that you can have your questions answered and get additional information.


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