A ‘Best Value’ Among National Universities

Mercer is consistently named a “best value” among national universities, combining exceptional education and career preparation at a relatively affordable price.

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We hold ourselves to a different set of standards – incorporating a higher sense of purpose to everything we do. This takes us beyond campus walls to Vietnam, Botswana or wherever we are needed.

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Mercer has provided me with the tools to work in this current job market. ... I really enjoyed this experience. I will definitely miss the camaraderie between the teachers and the students. I feel like they put you in a position to succeed.

Patrice Frank Walls, College of Professional Advancement, ‘22

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The professors that I've been able to learn from have taught me so many things — and not just nursing skills. They’ve taught me to be a leader. They’ve taught me to step out of my comfort zone. ... They have taken the time to get to know us as individuals, and I really feel as though this cannot be replicated anywhere else.

Brooke Taylor, College of Nursing, ‘22

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I feel like Mercerians really pride themselves on individuality and being who you are and embracing who you are. I really had a lot of space to get to know myself better.

Cam Wade, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, ‘22

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Students from all over the world discover a college experience at Mercer that fits their unique needs, interests and goals.
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