Message for Mercer University Staff from President Underwood

March 19, 2020


Our campuses are far less populated than is usual. All of our classes are being taught virtually for the time being. Most of our residential students in Macon have returned home. Some of our faculty and staff colleagues are working from home because of health-related concerns. Under the circumstances, I would like to offer many of our remaining staff the opportunity to work from home as well.

Any staff member who would like to pursue this option should meet with his or her supervisor. If the supervisor agrees that the function can be adequately performed remotely, and the staff person need not be on campus in these unusual and temporary circumstances to meet the needs of our students and the institution, the supervisor is authorized to recommend to Human Resources that the staff person be permitted to work from home.

This opportunity cannot be made available to staff in some departments, because we need all members to be physically present at this time. Examples include the Physical Plant, Mercer Medicine, Student Health, Information Technology, and the Mercer Police. I know there may be others as well.

We will reevaluate the needs of our students and the institution on April 3 to determine whether to continue this policy. As we work through these circumstances, I am especially reminded of the essential role of our hardworking staff, who in a real sense serve as Mercer’s backbone.