School of Music

3/16/2020 | 9:15 a.m.

As per directive of President Underwood, all Townsend School of Music classes (private lessons, ensembles, and academic classes) are suspended until March 23rd.  Beginning March 23rd, all instruction will be delivered online until April 3rd when a decision will be made about extending virtual formats until the end of the spring term.

Students who have remained on campus may use the McCorkle Music Building for practice under the following conditions:

  1. Only one-person in the practice room
  2. Use good hygiene
  3. Please have hand sanitizers and wipe down anything touched in the practice room/McCorkle Building—this includes piano bench, piano keys, and any chairs that might be in the room.

The School of Music faculty will be in communication with you through either email, text, or phone.

Questions?  Contact the Dean’s office at